"Witches' Night offers further proof that you don't need a huge budget and big name actors to turn out a good flick."
- Uncle Creepy, Dread Central (read review)

"Killer Old School Horror! I was hooked from the first frame to the last!"
- Donny Broussard, Killer Film (read review)

"Possibly the best horror movie about witches I’ve seen."
- Don Sumner, Best Horror Movies (read review)

"...it will scare, interest, and provide some good humor in a mostly solid effort."
- Ryan Doom, joblo.com (read review)

"I highly recommend this film. For a directors debut into the world of filmmaking, he sure made a big splash!"
- Bryan Schuessler, horrorsociety.com (read review)

"it tells its story well, and for an independent film, it comes across as a polished, professional effort."
- The Headless Werewolf (read review)

"I would fully recommend this movie to any and all."
- Kenneth Holm, Dorkgasm (read review)

"Terrific cinematography, a thrillingly scary score, and a quartet of leading anti-heroes who are utterly believable..."
- Catey Sullivan, Pioneer Press

"Writer/Director Paul Traynor delivers the goods with style, skill, and a hefty sense of humor."
- Marc Patterson, deadlydvd.com (read review)

"Deliver(s) everything that you'd want from a 'witch' film."
- Ted Stanfield, deadharvey.com (read review)

"...a great example of careful editing and suspenseful filmmaking."
- Robert Black, Synergy Magazine (read review)

"The thing that really helps this film rise above the crop of average indies is the script and the solid acting."
- giallo77 - DeadPit.com (read review)

"Witches' Night's has solid acting -- with good-natured camaraderie between the guys..."
- Mark H. Harris - About.com (read review)

"...I rather liked this retro-seventies horror film. The writing is good, the score is interesting, the characters are involving, the acting is surprisingly good..."
- Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy) - scoopy.com (read review)

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