When Jim is left stranded at the altar, best friends Rick and Ted and older brother Bill whisk him away on an impromptu camping trip to spare him the humiliation of facing his friends and family. The guys wash up at a bait shop on the edge of nowhere, with a rental car full of freshly-purchased camping gear and no real plan.

They happen upon a canoe outfitter, who reluctantly agrees to rent them boats, even though in late October the season is long since over. Suddenly their half-baked road trip becomes a half-baked canoe trip. Dumped on an isolated riverbank in pitch blackness, the guys begin making camp and drinking heavily.

Drawn by strange giggles that echo through the forest, they stagger through the woods and discover four aggressively flirtatious women sitting around a campfire. After a wild evening, each man finds he's afflicted by a strange malady. Worse, they can't shake the feeling that they're being stalked. As they struggle downriver, they find themselves in a desperate bid for survival.

Ultimately, a head-on confrontation with the dark forces of the night becomes inevitable. And in a battle of survival only one side can win...