JIM: After being jilted at the altar, Jim drinks himself into a stupor, and wakes up in the middle of nowhere with his big brother and two best friends. Once he realizes the extent of the danger, and that he's the only one who can save them, it's time for him to shake off his indecisive ways, step up, and become a real man.

BILL: Bill would have been a successful college professor, had he not smoked dope and drunk himself to sleep every night for the last two decades. Affable & self-deprecating, he's smart enough to know that his 'partying' is killing him, but will his love for his baby brother be enough to help him find a spine?

RICK: Rick runs a successful strip club in Vegas, and wonders repeatedly why they didn't just go there. A big drinker with a coarse mouth, Rick's a little harsh, but absolutely loyal to his friends. Women might say he's "slightly misogynistic". Some might even call him "a slime-ball pig".

TED: Ted might be a self-satisfied yuppie, but he's basically a good-hearted guy. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he's handsome and successful, and that's all that matters. Ted regrets straying from his wife, but undoubtedly feels he's earned the right.