EVA: Strong, sexy, and sharp as a tack, Eva cuts an imposing figure to anyone who encounters her (and Lord help those that do). She's quick with a smile or a meaningful glance, but there's something unsettling about her.

JUNE: Slightly new-age, and almost hippie-like in demeanor, June seems to be a flighty bundle of sexual energy. But like the other women, she has strange secrets, and isn't quite what she seems. She's hot, though.

GRETCHEN: Raven-haired and doe-eyed, Gretchen's a beautiful young creature with a shy smile and a "little girl voice". She comes off as someone who has been victimized in the past, and who might be a willing candidate for future indignities, as well.

VALERIE: Valerie's extremely hot, like her friends, but shows a pronounced lack of people skills. Is she suggesting a one-night stand or a medical exam? Kind of an odd duck–but there's one in every group, right?